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Envisioning Our Community

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Together with our first supporters, we used Lego to explore how the «she explores tech» community should look like. The results were fascinating!

On June 24 and July 6, 2022, we held a Lego Serious Play Workshop to explore how the «she explores tech» community should look like. The participants were men and women living mostly in Central Switzerland, with diverse backgrounds and different ages, who have showed support for our mission from the beginning.

LEGO Serious Play is a facilitated method for strategic decision-making and problem resolution that can be used also in business environments. It is a wonderful method to unleash one's creativity and ideas by metaphorical thinking. The bricks are only a tool that unlock one's deeper understanding for a topic.

Transparent, diverse, innovative and simple - is how some of the participants envision the «she explores tech» community. One that shows opportunities and enables connection, growth, movement, and going forward together.

The workshop was fabulously led by Moritz Müller and Miriam di Chiara, and really enjoyed by all the participants, who were rather surprised about how fun it could be to use this innovative method in a business context.

For us at «she explores tech», the workshops were very insightful activities. But, what impressed us the most was how engaged all the participants were and the support we've received so far. It is in these moments that we confirm the importance of our initiative and we feel encouraged to keep moving forward with the project.

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