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Developing the Digital Compass: How One Web Development Bootcamp accelerated everything

Last October, one of our co-founders, Gabriela Felder, participated in a 9-week Web Development bootcamp in Bali. It was a very intense learning experience which is said to condense two years of computer science into nine weeks. During the last two weeks of the bootcamp, her team of four got to choose a project to develop from scratch. In only two weeks, she and her team developed a prototype of the Digital Compass.

The Digital Compass is an important tool for she explores tech as it will help our members discover which career in Tech fits best with their personality, skills and interests. It will also help identify transferable skills that can make a career transition into Tech easier and faster. "Our team chose to work on this project because we wanted to create something that could have an impact on our peoples’ lives by helping them choose a career in Tech that aligns with their passions and ambitions. Furthermore, having a prototype of this tool could help visualise to potential investors and donors, what this tool could look like, and thus aid us in getting the funding we need to finish it and launch it.", said Gabriela Felder.

"One major challenge that we faced was making sure that all of our code was tested properly before pitching the final result on Demo Day, the last day of the bootcamp. We had limited time available for testing due to our tight timeline so we had to be extra careful when coding each part of the site. This meant that every line of code had to be written with precision; any errors could cause problems down the road!", expressed Gabriela. The result? A fully functioning prototype – one which we will hopefully be able to beta test with some of our users very soon.

Watch Gabriela's pitch and take a peek into how the Digital Compass works:

Developing digital products can be challenging – especially when you’re working against a tight timeline like Gabriela’s team did during their bootcamp experience! We’re proud of what they were able to accomplish in only two weeks of coding – not just for the product itself but for how it takes us a step closer into delivering value to our members and increasing diversity in Tech.

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