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About Us




With a share of around 18%, women are significantly underrepresented in digital professions in Switzerland. Lack of diversity not only directly impacts women, but also reduces the innovative power of teams, products and services.


We need diverse talent.

Additionally, increasing digitization and automation are rapidly changing our working world. Various jobs are being lost or transformed and the shortage of skilled workers in the tech industry is a pressing reality.


New talent is needed, as well as the enablers that help bring new talent forward. ​



Founded with the wish to empower women*, help break the gender bias, and influence the co-creation of a better future for all beings, Gabriela, Julia & Tamara set out to initiate this project back in October 2021.


Three former work colleagues with different backgrounds but similar values, born in the 80s and living in beautiful Lucerne, they have been working whole-heartedly and totally bootstrapped, because they believe in the impact this project can make.

Image by Hannah Busing



We are creating a platform, supported by artificial intelligence, which will show women* their potential, awaken their interest in digital professions and open up future career possibilities.


Along the way, our users will be accompanied by mentors and our community, guided to alternative educational programs and assisted to find an internship or project with one of our partners, so that they can consolidate their skills and begin a career in Tech.

Our Mission

Enable women* that seek a career transition into Tech and equip them to thrive at all levels.

Our Vision

Women* have equitable opportunities to build rewarding careers in Tech and shape the products and services of the future.


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