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she explores tech

On a mission to increase diversity in Tech in Switzerland

A 'GPS' for her career in Tech

Increasing automation and digitization are rapidly changing our working world. While some professions are disappearing due to automation, a large number of new digital professions are emerging. The challenge to upskill or reskill the population to address the increasing shortage of tech-talent is already a pressing reality. 

At the same time, women* are vastly underrepresented in the Tech sector. Diversity is needed to achieve a sustainable development, as well as to increase the innovative power of teams, products and services.

This is where «she explores tech» comes in.

Our project aims to:

  • Make women* aware of the broad spectrum of digital professions, in-demand tech-jobs and entry opportunities available.

  • Offer personalized support to match their existing know-how, interests, and values with in-demand positions. Visibilize the skill-gaps and recommend the most efficient pathway forward.

  • Enable a cross-entry into Tech with the help of our community, mentors and local partners, thus tackling the shortage of skilled workers and increasing diversity in organizations.

Our project is currently under development. If you are passionate about increasing diversity in Tech and want to get involved, contact us.

You are in the right place if ...


…you are a woman* living in Central Switzerland and regardless of your age, background, and education, you want to learn more about career opportunities in Tech or seek support to develop a career in the Tech-Industry.​


…you are an individual* or represent a company who understands why it is important to increase diversity in Tech, is looking for talent, wants to join our mentoring program and/or would like to support our project in other ways.

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"«she explores tech» creates access to professions in the digital sector via non-traditional educational pathways."

Julia Krummenacher, Co-Founder of «she explores tech»

Our supporters say ...

Photo of Kevin Kuhn
she explores tech» will make an important contribution to bringing women closer to the broad and colorful world of technical professions in a practical and professional way. They have the opportunity to be inspired, ask questions, find mentors and learn new skills through practical courses."

Kevin Kuhn, Erlebniswissentschaftler

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